About Us

The AYU story began in 1982, in the city of Surabaya.

A craftsman with a deep passion for jewelry sought
To express his imagination And creativity through design.
Inspired by timeless elegance and stunning design,
The beginning of AYU tradition.
Throught the years, he has generously shared his artisanal skills.
His guidance had led ordinary men and women
To reach their fullest potential.
Bonded by their unwavering passion for exceptional design and quality,
These men and women each brought their unique talents and skills,
spurring AYU forward.

Today, each and every piece of AYU jewelry
Is the product of countless hours Of conceptualization and crafmanship.
By taking its passage through the hands of only the best in their fields,
it is our promise, that each piece is worthy of the AYU icon.